Metal Roofing

Do you like the look of metal roofing and have wondered the pro and cons of owning one? We can help you make an educated decision.

Metal can be a great choice for either commercial or residential roofs. Metal roofs not only add an extra piece to curb appeal, they are also cost-effective in the long-term. What most people don’t know, if installed correctly, metal roofs can withstand the elements far better than shingle roofs. Meaning, when those notorious spring and summer hails storms blow through, you won’t have to spend money on storm damage repairs. Heating and cooling costs could also go down, as much as 65-70 percent. Those are savings you can turn into profits if on your commercial building. Another perk of a metal roof is that they last up to three times longer than shingle roofs. Metal roofing systems are a great investment for your structure. If metal roof is what you want, you’ll want Scott Maynard Roofing to do it, we install some of the prettiest, professionally installed roofs in the area.

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