Roof Maintenance

Roofs can certainly take a beating and must be resilient in the middle Tennessee and Nashville area. Roofs must withstand harsh sun, rain, wind, hail, snow and ice for many years. Commonly, modern residential roofs last a couple of decades and there are a lot of life stages of that roof during that time. Only once it gets past the point of repair should it be replaced.

Repairing your roof helps you get the entire life out of your roof without fully replacing it every time there is an issue. We will never try to sell you a new roof if it is not needed and will always help prolong the life of your current roof before recommending replacement. Once you see a leak, call us. In most cases a single leak does not mean the entire roof is bad.

We will assist you and devise a plan to repair most any issue before recommending a complete roof replacement.

We offer inspections for leaks, waterproofing, and shingle replacement.
At Scott Maynard Construction, we believe maintaining your roof
is your most powerful money-saving tool.

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